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Our Services

Do you need additional resources to conduct high quality, timely investigations?

We support you throughout the investigative cycle:

  1. We explore allegations of misconduct and prohibited practices in detail

  2. We collect reliable evidence and examine it in depth

  3. We determine whether misconduct has occurred, by whom, and to what extent

  4. We deliver detailed reports ready for use in subsequent administrative & legal proceedings

  5. We ensure compliance with applicable rules & regulations and relevant jurisprudence from international tribunals

Our experience includes:

  • Administrative investigations by multilateral development banks (MDBs) and other international financial institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank into allegations of sanctionable practices such as fraud, collusion, corruption, misappropriation and theft

  • Independent investigations requested by governments and/or bilateral aid agencies into allegations of integrity and ethical misconduct such as the misuse of their funds

  • Administrative investigations initiated by international organizations into allegations of misconduct by staff, ranging from fraud & corruption to workplace conduct such as harassment & sexual harassment

  • Quality assurance checks on investigative procedures and reports

  • Referrals of cases involving credible evidence of criminal conduct to competent national authorities

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